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Free stuff for students

December 01, 2018

Being a student and a software developer is actually quite an attractive position for a lot of organizations so they offer you a lot of discounts and free stuff. Here is an on going list :+1:

  • Github student

    • aws educate and credit $150 worth
    • bitnami $50 worth
    • cart premium access
    • Crowd flower access
    • Datadog Pro account free
    • DigitalOcean $50 credit
    • Flatiron school free one month membership
    • Github unlimited private repos
    • Gitkraken free for one year
    • Hackhands $25 credit
    • Microsoft imagine
    • Namecheap free ssl and free one year .me domain
    • Sendgrid 15k/emails a month
    • Stripe no transaction fees
    • Taplytics unlimited access to the platform for 6 months
    • Transifex free one year starter plan
    • Travis CI private builds while you are a student
    • Unreal engine
  • All jetbrains IDE free

David Yu

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