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Break Down of Current Programming Landscape

December 30, 2018

The much anticipated annual SO survey has just dropped here is the link to the entire results

Here are the key take aways:

  • Data scientists and Dev Ops are the highest paid
  • Most popular development environment Visual Studio Code
  • Web development industry is the biggest employer of developers
  • 81.1% of programmers are either happy or fine with their job
  • Developers value compensation and benefits the most when searching for a job
  • Most wanted programming language is python
  • 80.8% of programmers have side projects outside of work/uni
  • 93% of programmers are males
  • Most programmers spend 9-12 hours a day on computers
  • Most loved programming language is python
  • Most popular framework is node js
  • Most popular OS is linux
  • Most loved framework is TensorFlow

Note information from voluntary surveys are subject to response bias (and other biases) where a certain group of individuals are more likely to take the survey hence skewing the results for example individuals who feel they are paid well tend to respond to the survey skewing the results for salary.

David Yu

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